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Columbia Bottle Depots has been recognized by Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. as a 2020 Leader in Sustainability for its exceptional commitment to battery recycling!  Last year, Columbia Bottle Depots collected over 7,800 kilograms of household batteries through Call2Recycle®, making it one of the program’s top performing partners.

Each year, Canadians recycle more and more of their used batteries with Call2Recycle thanks to the exceptional partnership of organizations like Columbia Bottle Depots. Its commitment to sustainability and diverting batteries from the waste stream for reuse in new products is making a real difference,” said Joe Zenobio, President of Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. “With Columbia Bottle Depot’s support, we have been able to achieve record collection targets year after year, helping to protect wildlife, the environment and our communities by keeping toxic metals out of landfill.”

Call2Recycle is Canada’s national, not-for-profit consumer battery collection and recycling program. With the engagement of program partners like Columbia Bottle Depots, Call2Recycle helps obligated battery producers including retailers and manufacturers, and residents, businesses, and municipalities, manage batteries responsibly at their end of life. Since 1997, Call2Recycle Canada has diverted more than 26 million kilograms of batteries from local landfills.

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