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Bottle Drives and Drops

Both Bottle Drives and Bottle Drops are organized fundraisers where a group collects and sorts refundable products to raise money for a cause.  For a Bottle Drive the organization, sorting, and counting is done at the depot.  Bottle Drops are used for the same fundraising purpose, but the group members decide to collect, sort, and count the product at an external location and bring the sorted product to the depot.  Both are brought in through the back of the depot, processed, and a cheque is given at the end.

To Schedule a Bottle Drive or Drop

Call the depot of your choice and schedule in a date and time with a Team Leader:

Date and Times

Bottle Drives are usually scheduled on weekends between the hours of 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. 

Your Responsibilities at a Bottle Drive and What to Expect

  • Please arrive on time.
    • We recommend that the bottle driver leaders come a few minutes early to get the low down on the Bottle Drive from our Team Leader.
    • All other volunteers should show up on-time at 9:00 am.
  • Ensure appropriate behavior of group members.  This includes social distancing.
  • Follow sorting procedures as described by worker and ask questions when necessary.
  • Accurately sort and count product into relevant bags.
    • Bulk count sheets will be given to group members on the day of the bottle drive that details proper sorting and counting. 
    • All product going into plastic Encorp bags are to be counted by group members.
    • All glass product and liquor plastic product is to be accurately separated into milk crates or boxes (which can be obtained from the bottle depot) by group members but to be counted by a worker.
    • All liquor plastic product can also be sorted into clear plastic bags by group members but are to be counted by a worker.
  • Ensure only one partial bag is left for each product at the end of the day and is marked with the correct count.
  • Please note that the sorting area is outside and not covered.
    • Your team members should be informed to dress appropriately for the weather and elements.
  • All supplies necessary to successfully complete the bottle drive will be provided except for gloves and face masks.
    • Gloves and face masks are to be brought by the bottle drive participants.
  • Bags and boxes can be given prior to the event.
    • If bags and boxes are needed to collect/sort product prior to the booked bottle drive date they can be picked up from any of our locations.
    • Please note bags contain a $.25 cent deposit per bag, which can be refunded once brought back.
  • No solicitation on property is allowed.
    • Signs pointing customers to the bottle drive donation area are acceptable but direct solicitation is not acceptable.