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All accepted beverage containers have a full 10¢ deposit refund.

ACCEPTED CONTAINERS (please visit Return-It for a full list of accepted items):

  • Aluminum cans (both non-alcohol and alcohol)
    • Leave the tabs on
  • Plastic containers (such as water bottles, sports drinks, cups with attached foil lids, and milk (or plant-based beverage) jugs)
    • Leave the labels and caps on
  • Drink boxes (such as apple juice)
    • Push the straws in to container, if applicable
  • Gable tops (such as milk, plant-based beverage, or orange juice containers)
    • Leave caps on
  • Glass (alcohol and non-alcohol)
    • Leave the labels and caps on
  • Pouches (such as juice pouches)
  • Bi-Metals (such as some coconut water containers)
    • Leave the labels on
  • Bag-in-a-Box (such wine or juice in a boxed bag)
    • Leave the bag in the box


  • Any beverage container that was not purchased in Canada
    • Examples include any beverage container purchased in the USA
  • Any beverage container that contains meal replacements, infant formula, and products like whipping cream and drinkable yogurt
    • Examples include Boost, Ensure, and Coffee Mate creamers
  • Any concentrate container
    • Examples include frozen orange juice concentrate
  • Any container that does not have a label
  • Large jugs for water coolers (please bring these back with their original receipt to the place you originally purchased them for a refund)
  • Please note that the depots can still recycle these items.  They are simply not a part of British Columbia’s deposit/refund beverage container system. 


  • Please ensure they are rinsed and as clean as possible (no liquid to be left inside)
  • Labels must be readable and fully intact
  • Do not crush cans/bottles in any way