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Please click here for depot refundable values.  Note that we do not charge Container Recycling Fees (CRF Fees).



To make your experience as pleasant as possible we have some sorting procedures in place that we request our customers follow:

Condition of Beverage Containers

  • Please ensure they are rinsed and as clean as possible
  • As depot operators need to read the labels on cans, please do not crush them from top to bottom.  They can, however, be flattened side to side to save space. 

Sorting at Home:

  • To save time you can sort you refundable beverage containers at home
  • All refundable containers (other than glass) can come in clear plastic bags
    • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic cans must be separated with up to 288 cans per bags
    • Separate 1> liter plastic from <1 liter plastic containers
      • The standard quantity per bag is 150 for up to 1 liter and 50 for over 1 liter
      • Anything over 3 liters is 20 per bag
    • Bi-metals, drink boxes, gable tops, drink pouches, and liquor bag-in-a-box all must be separated
  • Clearly mark the number of beverage containers on the bags
    • Please note that our Customer Service Representatives reserve the right to recount any bags that come through the doors
  • Glass bottles can be placed in their original cardboard packaging

Sorting at the Depot:

  • We provide trays and cardboard flats at the depot for your sorting convenience
  • Please ensure you remove plastic rings and caps and place them in the plastic buckets placed on the sorting tables for your convenience
  • Beer and pop cans should be separated onto trays/flats of no more than 24, or leave them in their original cases
  • Place all loose beer bottles on tray/flats or leave them in their original cases
  • Separate 1> liter plastic from <1 liter plastic
  • Separate all plastic, tetra paks, gable tops, glasses, pouches, wine and liquor bottles, bi-metal, etc
  • This will help your friendly Customer Service Representative to count your product and provide you with an accurate refund
  • Don’t want to wait?  Donate! 
    • Consider simply dropping off your unsorted products at any Columbia Bottle Depot to provide support for Pathways Diverse Abilities.



Columbia Bottle Depots offers full refunds for the following items:

  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Juice bottles
  • Drink pouches
  • Glass wine bottles
  • Glass alcohol bottles
  • Boxed wine and more!

For a full list of accepted items please click here for non-alcoholic beverages and click here for alcohol containers, or download the RecycleBC App on your smart phone or tablet.