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Hello Friends!

We are very excited to announce that there is now an automated Return-It station at Big White!  In the past, residents had to drive about an hour to get to the closest bottle depot.  Now, customers can conveniently drop off their bagged beverage containers without sorting them or driving far away! 

More information on setting up a Return-It Express account can be found below:

  1. Sign up for your free Return-It Express account by visiting and register with a phone number of your choice.
  2. With Return-It Express there’s no need to sort.  Simply place your empty beverage containers securely into a “Blue” or transparent bag.
  3. Visit the Return-It station at Big White.  At the station, bag labels can be printed using your personalized code. 
  4. Select how many bags you have.  Once you’re finished, the kiosk will print off labels for you to stick on each bag.  It’s very important that each bag receives its own sticker.
    1. Please note we have a 6 bag limit per day.
    2. Please note there is also a maximum of 12 glass bottles per bag to prevent breakage, lost bags, and injuries to our staff.
  5. Place your bags into the Express Kiosk drop off and you are done!  We’ll sort, count, and refund your deposit.  It’s that simple!
  6. Go online to check the status of your account or to redeem your refunds by Interac e-transfer (minimum of $10.00 refund) or by cheque (minimum of $50.00 refund).

Please note that it can take up to one month to receive your return due to extremely high volumes of material received.  We are working hard to decrease this time.  Any customers looking for a quick return should use the depots as normal.

For more exciting information please check out the Return-It blog at or the Castanet article at

Stay safe and have a great day!

Your Friends at Columbia Bottle Depots


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