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Columbia Bottle Depot is very proud to officially be a part of Encorp Pacific (Canada)’s 5 Star Depot Program.

What does this mean?  As per Encorp Pacific (Canada):

“Like the hotel industry where a 5 Star designation assures the hotel guest of an exemplary standard of service, cleanliness, design and comfort, Encorp Pacific’s 5 Star Depot Program will assure customers of the best possible recycling experience.

Depots that meet a rigorous checklist of facility enhancements, efficient operating procedures and outstanding customer service will be awarded 5 Star certification. Other depots that meet many, but not all of those requirements, will be awarded 3 Star certification.

Either way, you the consumer, will know at a glance which depots are delivering the highest standards in recycling collection, promising a pleasant, fast and hassle-free experience.”

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