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Recycle BC, formally known as MMBC, is a non-profit organization that offers recycling programs to residential customers. 

Residents do not have to pay for this service as it is paid for by businesses that produce packing and printed paper. 

All three Columbia Bottle Depots takes a wide variety of items thanks to Recycle BC including:

  • Plastic bags for groceries and dry cleaning
  • Clean milk containers
  • Bags for bread, newspapers, and flyers
  • Clean aluminum cans and lids
  • Glass containers such as non-refundable bottles and jars
  • Telephone books and catalogues
  • Other Flexible Plastic Packaging such as:  Zipper lock pouches such as for frozen food, potato chip bags, wrappers for candy bars, and net bags for such items as avocados
  • Styrofoam and more!
For a full list or more information on Recycle BC please click here.